Essential oils of verbena

Essential oils of verbena

The essential oil of Verbena: Properties


Oil of lemon verbena: wrinkles, cellulite – for the youth of the skin of the face and body; to accelerate the growth of hair and hair loss; in depression and improve brain function.

Essential oil of lemon verbena: application

Essential oil of lemon verbena face

Closeup portrait of beautiful woman with fresh skin of face - isolated on white

The essential oil of verbena for the youth and beauty of face – removes wrinkles and tightens the skin of the face; It is used in the composition for the face masks and steam inhalation. For youth and beauty, add 2-3 drops of verbena oil to 10 ml. foundations.

Essential oil of lemon verbena hair


For oily hair, hair growth and hair loss using oil body wrap: mix 10 ml. oil-based (castor oil)and 3-5 drops of essential oil of verbena.

The essential oil of verbena body


Baths with essential oil of lemon verbena tone the body and give an exquisite flavor

Aromatherapy with essential oils of verbena


Essential oil of lemon verbena is indispensable in the treatment of depression and apathy.